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Why should I become a State Tested Nurse Assistant?

You should become a STNA if you have a big heart. You should become a STNA if you are considering a career in nursing or patient care. Many nursing schools require you to be on the STNA registry before starting classes. STNAs have many paths to areas such as physical therapy, healthcare administration, or social work. STNAs play a critical role on the nursing team. They are considered the eyes and ears of nurses. They provide hands on care and assist with activities of daily living.

What is included with my tuition?

Your tuition includes the course, CPR certification, the textbook, your workbook, scrubs, and your state test.

Is ACERT still open during COVID?

Yes! Well trained STNAs are more important than ever. We have continued to prepare students for the important role of caring for the most vulnerable population. Although there are changes to how we conduct classes, our schedule, hours and curriculum have remained the same. Our commitment to the highest quality education has become even more important.

When can I start STNA class?

Classes start every 3 or 4 weeks. Click here for the Class Schedule

When can I take my test?

You can take your test as soon as 10 days after completing ACERT’s course.

Where can I take my state test?

You can take your test at ACERT’s training center. Testing is conducted after class and on Saturdays.

How can I register?

Click here to register. There is a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee that is applied to your tuition. If you are paying for your course with a WIOA grant call 937-874-5360 to reserve your seat.

What do I need to do before class starts?

You will need a 2 step TB test and a BCI background check. After registering both forms will be emailed to you. 

After the TB skin test is administered you will return to the clinic for the results to be read in 48-72 hours. At least one week later, the second TB skin test is administered again and you will again return to the clinic for the results to be read in 48-72 hours.

 You must finish your 2 step TB test and complete your BCI Background Check before class starts.

Where will I find employment?

As an ACERT graduate you are ready to work as a home health aide or a nurse aide in assisted living. After passing your state test, you will be an STNA. STNAs primarily work in long term care, rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and post-acute care facilities, as well as hospitals. Agencies are a great place to start as well!

We regularly have more requests for STNAs than we have students. You will not have any problem finding employment as an STNA. We will help you find the best place for you.

Visit our STNA Positions page for current STNA openings in the Miami Valley.

What offences disqualify me from becoming an STNA?

A list of disqualifying offences can be found in the Ohio Revised Code.